Sparring is an integral part of Taekwondo, and we try to cultivate students sparring abilities in our class. Unlike Kickboxing, Karate and MMA, Taekwondo sparring is an Olympic sport providing plenty of opportunity to compete.  Students are encouraged to use the techniques taught at the beginning of the class and improvise to their advantage. By sparring multiple partners during the course of the class, students get a feel for what competition fighting might be like, where you are up against opponents you have never competed against before.

While competition fighting is not required for students, it is a large part of modern Tae Kwon Do. Students must practice their sparring techniques in class, and will need to purchase safety equipment in order to do so. Professional Taekwondo is home to many world renowned competitors and numerous elite athletes from around the world. We try very hard to create an atmosphere which is conducive to growth as an athlete and overall Tae Kwon Do artist.