Weapons Training

At Pai’s Taekwondo, our Weapons Training program incorporates traditional Korean long sword exercising focus, concentration and control, as well as training in nunchaku, bo-staff and escrima. We guarantee you will learn all about these ancient weapons and how to effectively use them. And the best part? You get in amazing shape while having the time of your life in this high-intensity and educational class.

Learn from the Pros at Pai’s Taekwondo

Our instructors are dedicated and extremely skilled, and will do anything to see you reach your goals! Never taken a Weapons Training class? You have nothing to worry about; all skill levels and fitness levels are welcome and encouraged to enroll.You are going to learn an art thousands of years old. This art, combined with many of today’s modern sciences, has evolved into one of the best physical and psychological training methods known. The benefits and features you will experience are unlimited! We guarantee you will be in amazing shape before you know it; but there is so much more! Below are just a few of the added benefits Weapon Training at Pai’s Taekwondo will provide you:

  • Self-defense skills
  • Weight loss
  • A tight-knit community
  • Improved energy during the day and better sleep at night
  • Decrease in stress
  • And so much more

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